Eduardos’s interests convene at the interaction of different scales, geographic, regional, place and architectural. Researching and working with architecture and urban design, he began his studies of architecture in his native Puerto Rico obtaining in 2011 a B.Arch. in Architecture from the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (PUPR). During that period, he participated in various studio abroad including Mexico DF. and Barcelona. In addition participating as a member on a collective called CIUDADLAB (research in cities across the globe) in a visiting research on cities in Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia. Participating in lectures, exhibitions and workshops was an essential part of this study. In his design work and research, he looks to push the limits of the architectural scale and its influence on the territory and region. As part of his masters studies, he is now developing a research called, "The re-colonization of a territory through PLAY: construction of a Touristic City", while being a 2013 candidate for an MAUD, Masters of Architecture in Urban Design in the Graduate School of Design, at Harvard University (GSD).

A LAKOU for Haiti

Honor Award AIA of Puerto Rico: A LAKOU for Haiti, Cathedra Haiti from Students from AIASPoli-Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico with Andrés Mignucci.